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We are dedicated to providing a superior learning environment for all our students, therefore, we keep our class sizes small so that each student receives more attention and instruction.


Our instructors are degreed professionals who bring a variety of national dance experience backgrounds and also continually further their education. We also provide several "master classes" every year that are hosted by guest instructors from all over the country.


It is our purpose to maintain the highest standards of dance training for students of all ages and levels. Our classes are conducted and disciplined in a manner keenly associated with proper dance education. We demand respect and proper discipline at all times and reserve the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the school.


Grace, charm, poise, and a healthy, beautiful body - all can be acquired for your child through the art of dance. Children experience satisfaction of accomplishment from their own efforts. Their personality development is enhanced through this accomplishment. Our main objectives for the school are to teach coordination of mind and body, cooperation with others through group training and instill confidence and self assurance. These are the required qualifications for social success and good citizenship. Dancing is a part of your child's education. We truly believe in what we teach.

More Classrooms

We offer five classrooms in our studio so that we can offer a larger variety of classes per day.


Quality classrooms that include raised cushioned professional dance floors with marley to protect your child from dance related injuries.


Give your child the opportunity to compete or perform through our Performance Team, Ballet and Dance Company Teams and/or Hip-Hop Crew.


We would love for you to join our studio family at Artistry in Motion!

Tour the studio Monday thru Saturday to find out more. Click the link below to contact us.


We all start somewhere, and for me that was school. I attended a four year college where I was a full-time student.


University of Southern California, 2006


Boston University, 2010


In addition to all of that school I went above and beyond to better myself by receiving many prestigious certifications.


Association of Web Professionals


World Wide Web Consortium




Global Knowledge


Where you work and what you do can say a lot about you, and since I now work for myself I certainly have a lot to say.


Independent Contractor, 2010-Present


Websites-R-Us LLC, 2006-2010


A Really Cool Company, 2004-2006


These examples are just a little bit of what I can do.
If you want to see more, just send me an email for my full portfolio.


I'm always looking forward to my next adventure.
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Come See the Difference that Only Experience Can Make!

What Makes Artistry in Motion Unique?

Grace, charm, poise, and a healthy, beautiful body – all can be acquired for your child through the art of dance. Children experience satisfaction of accomplishment from their own efforts. Their personality development is enhanced through this accomplishment.

Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center

Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center is a premier dance school in North Richland Hills, TX, offering dance and ballet courses for children ages 6 and up. We offer high-quality instruction for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced and expert levels. From pointe to hip-hop, jazz to ballroom, we provide exceptional instruction in a comfortable, supportive environment.

North Richland Hills’ Premier Dance Academy

Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center is a dance academy for beginners, experts and everyone in between. We sure dance as one of the purest forms of artistry and expression—something everyone can embrace and enjoy.

We’re the ideal space to introduce your child to a lifelong love of dance with beginner dance lessons at our North Richland Hills, TX studio. We also offer courses for advanced students who want to perfect their skills in specific areas, including pointe, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and more. Students can also take advantage of our fun summer break and holiday break camps, as well as competition and drill teams. We’re committed to inspiring a passion for dance in every student, enabling them to explore artistry in motion.

All of our classes are taught by degreed professionals who have extensive experience in the dance industry—there’s no better place to teach your child grace, charm, poise and the beauty of a healthy body. Our studio is also the perfect space to host exciting birthday parties on your child’s special day. We can craft an amazing dance party around the theme of your choice and take care of all the work so all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

We focus on more than teaching dance. We help children enjoy a sense of accomplishment and confidence, and allowing youth to develop their personality through the medium of dance. From their first few steps to a mastery they achieve through years of practice, there’s no better way to encourage amazing development in your child. Enroll them today and give them a reason to get moving!

  • We offer a supportive, comfortable environment that encourages self-expression.
  • Our talented staff have decades of professional dance and choreography experience.
  • We host an annual dance recital to showcase the hard work of our students and staff.
  • We offer a generous family tuition discount for immediate family members.
  • We’re proudly recognized by the North Richland Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Introduce Your Child to the Exciting World of Dance

Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center is the leading dance and ballet school for children and teens in North Richland Hills, TX. Contact us to learn about our courses, camps and parties.

Smaller Classes

Our small class sizes make it possible for our instructors to give each student more personal instruction, as well as more dance time.

Degreed, Professional Instructors

Our instructors are degreed professionals with extensive experience in a variety of dance genres. We are dedicated to exposing our students to the disciplines of the dance classroom as well as the “real world” experience in the professional dance world.

Multiple Classrooms

Our studio offers five classrooms so that we can fit the most variety into each day of classes. Students are able to diversify their dance genres, as well as build up skill levels.

Competitive Dance Teams

If your child desires to grow his or her dance experience and level, we offer competitive and performance teams in dance, ballet and hip hop. Our dance companies and hip hop crews compete yearly on a national level.

Comfortable Environment

Our classrooms include high quality, cushioned floors to help protect your child from injuries.  Watch your child’s class thru windows or via video in our comfortable lobby.

We Make Our Classes FUN!

We use a variety of techniques to make class FUN for our students. We understand that our students like to “let go” and freestyle dance sometimes…especially the little ones! While we maintain discipline, we always leave room for FUN!

“When music, emotion, and choreography all do the same thing, the audience will get goosebumps.”

– Don Mirault


We love our dance family…and our dance family loves us!

When we first came to AIMPAC, my daughter's goal was to improve her technique as she had been frustrated with other studios not taking her seriously.  Immediately, AIM took her seriously and after an evaluation, placed her in classes that would challenge her.  She loved every teacher, grew in dance by leaps and bounds, and ended up on their company.  The teachers have just the right balance of love and discipline and create choreography that brings tears to my eyes.  It is truly a family environment at AIM but at the same time an exceptionally well run studio.  I would recommend AIMPAC to everyone not matter what their dance skill level!

I am so pleased with the instructors at Artistry in Motion.  All the instructors are professionals in their field.  The love and passion they have for the art of dance filters to the students. This is the perfect studio for both the recreational dancer and the serious student. They teach in a way that makes dance fun and implement proper technique. My daughter loves all her teachers at Artistry in Motion.  They have helped her grow so much as a dancer. At a recent dance competition, we heard in the audience. "You have to watch this next dance; it's the Artistry in Motion girls.  You can always expect a great dance from them!"

We chose Artistry In Motion Performing Art Center because Jillian, Kelly and their awesome staff have a special gift. Their love of dance is infectious.  Their knowledge and expertise in dance is incomparable.  They encourage your individuality and creative expression in every dance. Not only are they patient with the students, but they are also able to offer dancing experience based on individual goals. Whatever your dance goals may be Jillian and Kelly are the best of the best. With Artistry In Motion Performing Art Center you are not joining a studio…you are joining a family.

Ready to become part of Artistry in Motion? Register today and get started!

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